We have considerable experience in leading both large and small redundancy programmes as well as compliant, cost-effective resolution of awkward and delicate senior personnel matters.

We will work exhaustively to resolve even the most controversial and reputationally damaging personnel situations…more

Executive Recruitment

We have successfully placed very many candidates who have delivered very significant results for their employers. Using our very wide range of contacts we will research, network and where appropriate advertise as thoroughly (and as sensitively) as possible to find the best possible candidate for each role…more

Job sizing, equal pay and gender pay reporting

We implement compliant, objective, auditable and merit-based equal pay frameworks based on the requirements of each role (not the incumbent). We audit for and report on equal pay by role and gender – as required by UK gender pay reporting legislative requirements…

Generalist HR

Job sizing is the application of a consistent, systematic process to determine the relative size of jobs. Relativities between jobs can be objectively established based on the requirements of each role. Performance or demographics of any individual in any role is irrelevant. Through establishing a fully audited job size framework, it is possible to assess gender pay issues transparently and objectively…more