Restructuring, redundancy and managing out

We have considerable experience in leading large and small redundancy programmes including compliant and cost-effective resolution of awkward and delicate senior personnel matters.

We have an outstanding track-record in avoiding grievances and tribunal claims during and after re-structuring programmes.

In our view, too many HR professionals and companies rely too heavily on expensive compromised settlement agreements. UK employment law undoubtedly presents challenges for the employer – but there is no reason for over-reliance on buying your way out of HR problems. We will work exhaustively to resolve even the most controversial and reputationally damaging personnel situations.

Executive recruitment

Using our very wide range of contacts we will primary research, network and where necessary advertise as thoroughly (and as sensitively) as possible to find the best possible candidate for each role.

The head-hunting model is often overpriced and can lack quality. Each role is unique, so in our view the chances of the best candidate for your organisation already being on a head-hunter’s books is slim. There is too little primary research and proper new networking in the market; all too often the bigger traditional firms rely on previously compiled lists of candidates to earn their fee – to free them to move on to their next commission.


Recruitment, in our view, is best led by a combination of advertisement and networking. This leads to significantly higher quality, more cost-effective role-filling with considerably better outcomes for both employer and employee than the agency model yields.

The Agency model is often overpriced and seriously lacking in quality. With relentlessly demanding financial targets placed on their teams, many recruitment agencies act primarily for themselves. This can leave clients with too many low quality cvs, lack of proper assessment, talked-up salary expectations and conflicts between clients which may leave you coming off second best.

Difficult and reputationally sensitive personnel situations

We have considerable experience in resolving difficult, reputationally-sensitive (even crisis-management) personnel situations including those with significant PR related-issues.

Generalist HR

We provide a full range of generalist hands-on detailed HR support direct to organisations.